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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
« What are the differences between the Satellite Imagery and Aerial Photographs?
The primary difference between the satellite image “The Iowa Great Lakes from Space” and the individual aerial photographs is image detail. The satellite image has a lower resolution so smaller features (e.g., docks, golf greens, business, homes, etc.) will not be visible in most cases. The tradeoff, however, is that satellite imagery provides a more synoptic view of the lakes region – depicting the geography of the entire lakes region in one single view. Our recommendation is to purchase aerial imagery of the individual lakes if you are interested in locating your home, cabin, business, favorite beach or hangout. Purchase the satellite imagery if you prefer to see all the lakes on a single image and are not as interested in the detail.

« What is Okoboji Maps?
Okoboji Maps began as a leisurely pursuit borne from a small group of remote sensing hobbyists with strong ties to the Lakes region. We were interested in having “real images” of the Lakes (rather than typical line-drawn maps) in order to more accurately locate points of interest and better understand the geography. We processed the first images in July 2003 and shared them with a few friends. Soon thereafter, we began receiving requests from people asking how they could receive copies. After months of deliberation, we decided to create a website making the images available to the public. We hope that if you decide to purchase our images that you will find them as interesting and educational as we do.  

« Are the images only available via the web?
No. You can see our products a the Side Street Fine Arts & Framing in Arnolds Park, Iowa.
These maps are also available from the Okoboji Images website.  

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